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"Lens, blood and gold", the hellish season of the now Ligue 1 club

We will long remember the 2019-2020 season and its sports competitions canceled due to coronavirus.In Ligue 1, Paris-Saint-Germain retains its title of champion of France.In Ligue 2, the Lorient Football club is in head of the rankings, closely followed by the Racing Club de Lens: the two clubs are thus promoted to Ligue 1 next year.

They will be able to relive this funny year thanks to a docu-series in four parts which retraces the 2019-2020 season.On the program: diving behind the scenes of the club with its staff and its supporters.sports results, defeats, victories, the doc shows the financial issues of the rise in Ligue 1, the sponsors and the main protagonists: the president Joseph Oughourlian, the director Arnaud Pouille, the coaches Philippe Montanier and Franck Haize, players such as goalkeeper Jean-Louis Leca, Yannick Cahuzac or Jonathan Gradit, the former president and owner, Gervais Martel, and several supporters from the start.

"In the North, it was the Corons"

Lens, a mining town where football is a religion.In this film which is both fascinating, moving and infuriating, we vibrate, we savor the victories, we suffer and we mourn the "druid", Daniel Leclercq, who died on November 22 last at 70 years old.The former player (1974-1983) is a flagship trainer: the one with whom the club obtained a title of Champion of France in 1998 and won a League cup in 1999.Bollaert to the sound of the club's anthem: "In the North, it was the Corons" by Pierre Bachelet."Lens, blood and gold"

Posted Date: 2020-07-08

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